5 Ways to Keep Your Job Descriptions Gender Neutral

5 Ways to Keep Your Job Descriptions Gender Neutral

Hiring a diverse team is now becoming an essential goal for most employers. Recent studies have suggested job description language can be a big contributing factor to a one-sided candidate pool. If you are having trouble normalizing the diversity in your applicants, we have some tips here to help.

  1. Pronouns – There is never a need to address a potential applicant by their gendered pronoun. Even the standard “He/She” tends to skew towards putting one pronoun ahead of the other. Try using the word “You” when describing requirements and responsibilities of the role. It serves two purposes. The first being it helps the candidate picture themselves in the role. The second is it allows for no gender bias.
  1. Titles – Unconventional titles can make a position seem like it is meant for one gender over another. Use standard titles like “Data Scientist” or “Front End Developer” over ones like “Data Science Wizard” or “Front End Rockstar”.
  1. Only List “Must Haves” as Requirements – Several studies have shown men are comfortable applying to jobs where they meet 60% of the requirements, but women are unlikely to apply unless they meet 100% of them.
  1. Avoid Unnecessary Superlatives – Research suggests men are more comfortable in competitive workplaces and women enjoy a more collaborative environment. Because of this, words describing potential applicants like “Best”, “Greatest”, and “Expert” can skew a job description towards male candidates.
  1. Specific Degrees – College majors tend to vary by gender. Try to avoid listing specific majors whenever possible.

These tips should help you open the door to a more diverse candidate pool. Be sure to use your social media platforms and website to display your commitment to being an inclusive, equal opportunity workplace. The more you show off your progressive culture, the more candidates will feel comfortable applying. If you need any help adding strategies like these to your company’s job descriptions, feel free to contact AdHires to take advantage of our Job Description Optimization service.

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