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Re-Employ America Promotion

(good through December 31st 2020)

The Covid-19 Pandemic has negatively impacted the lives of millions of workers across the country in addition to the businesses that once employed them. As America starts to rebuild, the AdHires team is committed to being there to help you rebuild your team of dedicated employees looking to get back to work. From now until the end of the year, every business in America can use the Adhires job posting platform for FREE! Our FREE job posting platform allows your business to post a single 30-day job listing each month until 2021! Let’s start rebuilding America’s workforce together!


AdHires Job Post Subscriptions

Re-Employ America Promotion
  • One 30-day job posting slot
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  • One 30-day job posting slot
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  • Three 30-day job posting slots


  • Ten 30-day job posting slots

Effective Hiring with Affordable Job Posting

Popular job listing sites or job boards have become more and more widespread. While they can be easy to use, these big sites often mean a big price tag for businesses. AdHires focuses on job listing quality over quantity. Although many sites promote posting your jobs to over a hundred different job boards, we have found this to be more of an expensive marketing campaign than an effective hiring strategy. The vast majority of applicants are only visiting a handful of the most widely used job listing sites.

AdHires takes a focused approach on those widely used job search tools to make sure all of our site’s listings show up quickly with the highest-possible ranking. The modern job seeker can now do a simple Google search to bring up job listings from millions of companies across the world. Getting your listing to show up ahead of your competitors is all about optimization – a process we have perfected here at AdHires. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more.

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How does AdHires work?

See why businesses just like yours are finding AdHires to be their job posting platform of choice. For more videos visit our YouTube channel.

AdHires AdOn – Your very own talent acquisition team

Check out the services our recruiting experts have designed to save you time during the hiring process. To learn more about our Job Description Optimization, Applicant Screening, and New Hire Onboarding AdOns we have additional information below! For more videos visit our YouTube channel.

AdHires Premium AdOn Services

AdHires was founded by recruiting professionals with deep-rooted industry knowledge. Their experience & expertise was used to develop premium services that can save you time while helping you avoid common hiring frustrations.

Job Description Optimization

Have your job listing written by an optimization expert. Getting the perfect words together to produce the best applicants has never been easier.

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Applicant Screening

Lean on us to screen your shortlisted applicants in order to find out who’s really qualified, interested, and ready to interview right away.

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New Hire Onboarding

The employee onboarding process can be time consuming. Let us handle the background check, references, & paperwork needed to get your new hire committed and started right away.

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Payrolling services – We know that sometimes it makes the most financial and logistical sense to hire a contractor vs a direct employee. AdHires offers payrolling services to make this as easy as possible for you.

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