AdHires is free to applicants. For hiring organizations, job posting plans start at $49 dollars a month for basic membership.

Membership levels have to do with the amount of active job slots each employer has access to each month. These range from 1 job slot to 10 job slots. If more than 10 job slots are needed, please feel free to contact us for a customized plan.

Yes. AdHires offers first-time users a 3-day trial to explore it’s features and ease of use.

AdHires focuses on job listing quality over quantity. Although many sites advertise posting your job to over a hundred different job boards, we have found this to be more of an expensive marketing campaign than an effective strategy. The vast majority of applicants are only visiting a handful of the most widely used job listing sites. AdHires focuses on zeroing in on those widely used job search tools and making sure all of our site’s listings show up on them quickly with the highest-possible ranking. We also offer Premium AdOn services as an inexpensive middle ground between job listing technology and Recruiting/Staffing agency services.

AdHire Premium AdOns are a la cart services designed to make time-consuming parts of the hiring process easier and faster for hiring organizations. Feel free to read on them in detail here.

Yes. Although AdHires specializes in optimizing job postings to show up on some of the most popular job search engines, applicants can visit AdHires.com directly to find and apply to job openings

Yes. The AdHires technology is optimized for this exact purpose.

AdHires is a subscription-based service that can be cancelled at any time. AdHires will auto-charge your account every 30 days but will stop as soon as your account is deactivated. Next time you choose to list a job through AdHires, all you need to do is reactivate your account to begin posting again.

AdHires has a dedicated employer dashboard and portal that can be used to store and keep track of applicant resumes. This portal can help you revisit former job listing applicants for future hiring needs.

You can contact Adhires by phone at 813-814-1596 or by email at info@AdHires.com