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Job Listing Optimization

$125 per job listing

A lot goes into creating the perfect job description. Most people know that if you want the highest number of qualified applicants applying to your job listing, it has to be constructed in a way that is easy to find, aesthetically pleasing, informational, and compelling. What most people don’t know is there is also a scientific approach to making your job listing stand out compared to your competitors. Job Listing search engines such as Google for Jobs have algorithms that look for specific components of each listing in order to assign them a score. The job listings with better scores appear higher up in their search results which allow for a larger number of applicant views. Here at AdHires, we know a lot about the components these algorithms are searching for. If you choose to have your job listing written and optimized by us, you can use it on the AdHires platform along with any other job advertisement platform of your choosing to make finding that perfect job seeker much easier.

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Applicant Screening

$249 per job listing (up to 5 candidates + $39 for each additional candidate)

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hiring organizations is that once they have identified the applicants they wish to shortlist, it can be tedious and challenging to get each of them scheduled for an interview. Even worse, they spend too much time interviewing applicants that aren’t as qualified as their resume may have suggested.

This premium AdOn was designed to use our experience and expertise as recruiters to pre-screen your shortlisted applicants. There are plenty of job listing sites that offer pre-application questions, but the truth comes from talking to and interacting with each individual applicant. Lean on us to schedule phone screens with your shortlisted applicants. Through these phone screens we will dive through your job qualifications, gauge interest level, discover potential background disqualifiers, and determine both interview and job commencement availability.

You will receive a video recording of each candidate screening along with a report containing important information about each applicant, allowing you to focus your time on only those that are best suited for your opening. This will give you an opportunity to leave the tedious tasks to the experienced pros and focus your time on what it takes to run your organization successfully.

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New Hire Onboarding

$125 per applicant

Once you find that perfect applicant and decide you may want to hire them, there are a lot of steps in between the offer decision and state date. We encourage every organization to run a proper background and reference check in order to ensure the person you are committing to is who they say they are. In addition to this, it is vital to gain your new employee’s full commitment with an official offer letter. A signed offer letter results in a significantly higher start rate and promotes employee retention. AdHires has developed a service that takes the time commitment away from these tasks resulting in a smoother onboarding process. Leave the process of collecting all of this information to us and spend your time doing what you do best.

By purchasing this AdOn, you are entitled to:

  • Social Security Number Tracing
  • A Multi-State Criminal Check
  • Two County Criminal Check (Certain counties require an additional fee to check criminal records. for a full list of counties with this upcharge click here)
  • Two Written Reference Check Reports from Professional & Managerial Resources
  • Offer Letter Template with state and federal compliance
  • E-sign enablement for an Official Offer Letter, Direct Deposit Form, and Fed/State Tax Forms

We also offer a full list of additional background check services if you wish to explore a customized package.

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For any questions related to our Premium AdOns, we encourage you to contact us in order determine if these solutions might be right for you and your organization.

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