Should You Use a Job Description Template?

Should You Use a Job Description Template?

Many employers recognize how important a proper job description is to attract a high number of qualified applicants. Finding the time to put that perfect job listing together is where the problem typically arises. Luckily, there are dozens of job description templates that can be found with a simple Google search for almost any title and skillset. Hiring managers often wonder if these templates are the perfect way to cut down on the time it takes to create their job descriptions.

The simple answer is that these templates are an excellent starting point, but it takes a little more effort to make your listing stand out over your competitors. There is a way to do this quickly and easily.

First, it is important to understand which templates are best to use. Job sites that send your post to other job boards, know that the listing will be ranked based on certain criteria, and will show up in the order of their ranking. An example of this is Google for Jobs. When Google for Jobs promotes a job listing, it scans the listing for information about the title, salary, location, benefits, job type, and several other key factors, but it also reads the description and looks for identifiable keywords that fit well with the title being used. Because certain job listing sites are aware of this, they design their templates to perform well when analyzed for ranking criteria. If you would like to understand which templates rank the best, just google a job title followed by the word jobs (ie: paralegal jobs). You will often see several similar job descriptions in a row by the same listing site, but different employers. That top ranking template is the one you should be trying to outshine.

Now that you are aware of which template is performing best, it is time to adjust it properly to your specific opening. Notice the keywords being used in this template and how well they are distributed. An example of this to go along with our paralegal search earlier would be words like legal, depositions, subpoenas, attorneys, litigation, and many others. You want to keep these keywords for your description and distribute them similarly to the best ranking template while also adding in the responsibilities that are unique to your opening. Those unique parts of your role are incredibly important when trying to stand out. A job seeker is typically looking at dozens of listings at a time, and they notice when they see the exact same one listed repeatedly by different employers.

Lastly, it always recommended to write a description about your company, selling potential applicants on its culture and other benefits. Let them know about the role’s reporting structure, advancement opportunities, and other factors that make your organization a truly great place to work.

Using this method of transforming job description templates allows you to take advantage of existing research into keywords and other factors that make certain listings rank better than others. At the same time, adding your own spin on the template will allow you to stand out and produce even better results than your competitors that are simply using the template “as is”. If you would like some help putting together the perfect job description from scratch, feel free to check out the AdHires Job  Description Optimization AdOn here: